Deccan Purnima Hash

The Deccan Purnima H3 is Hyderabad’s full moon run. It is a Live Hare run, wherein the Hare is given a decent headstart and the Hounds give chase. So far, there has only be one time where the Hare has been caught on the Deccan Purnima — although this was done not because of the speed of the Hare, but because the Hare kept shouting ‘ON-ON’ after laying down a mark and the pack merely followed his calls until he was caught.

Being a Menstrual Run (running once a month), the Deccan Purnima H3 requires that you understand the risks involved in late-night running. It is advised to bring a flashlight (if you want), wear bright colored clothes, and understand the area well enough to find your way home if you get lost. Also, it is always a good idea to keep up with the pack as this pack is slightly more athletic.

It should also be noted that the Deccan Purnima H3 is considered a Mixed Hash and it is not recommended for Horrors (as it takes place past their bed times). Slightly raunchier songs and more adult themes can be expected as the full moon brings out the wild side of the Hasher.

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