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Hyderabad Hash House Harriers

A Running Club With A Drinking Problem

The Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3) is a non-competitive social club where running is an 'essential' part of it. Hashing, with participants calling themselves Hashers, is a place for [blah, blah, blah].

The Hash is humorously known as The Running Club With A Drinking Problem or The Drinking Club With A Running Problem with the preferred beverage of consumption being beer.

Hyderabad Hash was founded in 1990 by Eric "Digit" McGaw, and has been active ever since! Sadly, Digit passed away in 2016, but the H4 remains strong and true to form and continues on.

Male members are referred to as Harriers, which females are known as Hariettes. Children (and those who act like children) are commonly referred to as Horrors.

I love to be outdoors, so I like to Hash!

Eric "Digit" McGaw

GM Emeritus

Founder of the Hyderabad Hash House Harriers. His legacy lives on with this group, and is sorely missed. On home, Digit.

Hashing In India

Clubs & Kennels of India

Hashing has been part of India for years. The Bombay Hash House Harriers is the oldest of the Indian Hashes, being founded in 1983 by David Read. A few months later, the Delhi Hash House Harriers was born via the efforts of one Charlie Stevens. It would be another seven years before three separate Hashes would be founded within months of each other.

First came Hyderabad Hash House Harriers, Founded by Eric "Digit" McGaw.

Then came the Bangalore Hash House Harriers, Founded by John "Hammo" Hamilton.

Then came the Madras Hash House Harriers, Founded by [someone, I forget who].

Then came a bevy of Hashes, of which you can learn more about.

Starting in 1991, due to the abundant number of Hashes and the like minded nature of Hashers in general, the National Hash event, called the Nash Hash is an annual occurrence wherein Hashes all around India (and many from beyond its borders) come together to celebrate Hashing and partake in joy and merriment as a result.

Hyderabad Hash

The original Hash for Hyderabad. The Hyderabad Hash House Harriers (H4) was founded in the summer of 1990 by Eric...

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Deccan Purnima Hash

The Deccan Purnima H3 is Hyderabad’s full moon run. It is a Live Hare run, wherein the Hare is given...

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Charminar Hash House Harriets

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West Marredpally Hash

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Bangalore H3

Bangalore Hash House Harriers (BH3) runs once a month and is commonly known as a menstrual run.

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Go outside

Hashes are almost always done outside in places with little to no other nearby humans.

The Circle

The Circle, a very important part Hashing, is a tradition that goes back to the very first days of the Hash. It is here that Hashing defines itself differently from other running groups and clubs. The Circle is a place where songs are sung, beer is drunk, and friends are made.


Hashing is a global phenomenon with clubs (called Kennels) located on all continents and almost every country.

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Come and Hash with us

There is little one can do to actually describe what the Hash is successfully. It's one of those things where you have to just go and see for yourself if it's something you like and want to do. There is a saying within the Hashing world. "If you have half a mind to go Hashing, then that's all you need."